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John & Tracie at the Succop Conservancy

We were thrilled to photograph John & Tracie’s wedding! This couple was extremely sweet, humble and caring. It was awesome hanging out with them on their special day, and they did a great job with decorations and details at the beautiful Succop Conservancy!

This was a super hot wedding, which we never expected being in early September. John and the guys had wool tuxes. Crazy. I came rocking in shorts, and I was still sweating!

Okay so this random photo of traffic cones tossed in the air was inspired by a photo shoot by a photography team we really admire. I figured I’d go random and fun with a few photos, but sometimes I don’t realize how cooky I get. Fortunately I have Heather to remind me of that fact.

These little fans came in handy on a super hot day. Ninety-eight degrees was not the music playing at this wedding. It was the temperature!

Look at that smile!

John & Tracie are friends with a videography team called Moho Creative. If you’re considering a videographer at your wedding, you’ve definitely got to check them out! Their work is fantastic.

Click on the photo above to go to Moho Creative’s website!

Loved all the lighting setup at this wedding!

I had a bunch of people trying to cool off one way or another, but this one seemed to capture it best.

John was by far the most active and best groom dancer we’ve ever photographed. I think he learned a move or two by his dad…

Not sure where all the sweat bands came from! haha

Love the lighting in these shots! Heather takes some awesome photos on the dance floor considering she was 32 weeks pregnant!

Do the Matrix.

We had a fantastic time celebrating this day with you two and your family and friends!!

We hope you guys have a great life together!


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One response

  1. These are absolutely incredible pictures!! Being the Mom of the groom, I have been looking every day for pictures. What a wonderful beginning to September 14th- I have tears of joy over the wonderful memories you have created for us! Thank you for your WONDERFUL artistry!! Ann Cline

    September 14, 2011 at 6:07 AM

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