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Meghan and Keith — E-Shoot!!

Meghan has been my best friend since before I came out of the womb! Our mothers lived across the street from one another and when Meghan’s mom had a girl and found out my mom had a girl they knew we’d be best friends. And we were! We never went to the same school but always played and hung out everyday. They moved away when we were about 12 or so but we tried our hardest to stay in touch. Then college came and it got harder. But now we live really close and have gotten back into a rhythm! She even asked me to be her matron of honor! I’m so excited she found Keith and couldn’t be happier to so involved in their day! I did some photos for them (35 weeks pregnant haha), and they turned out pretty good! We can’t wait to photograph your beautiful day since I’ll help you plan most of it!! Love you!

Couldn’t be happier for you! Can’t wait for the planning and shopping!!!


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