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Rocking Senior – Downtown Pittsburgh

It feels like forever since we’ve last done a senior portrait shoot. Most of our work is family photography, which keeps us busy chasing the action with little ones running around. And I love the photojournalism aspect of our work, but it’s definitely a nice change of pace being able to slow things down and do a little posing.

Jack was great to work with. He’s working on an electric guitar with his dad (the very funny Peter McKay), with some nice hand-painted details, so he brought it along for a few shots.

Oh, and this was one of three shoots we did together with fellow photographer Ian Shiver. He’s going to help us with a few weddings this October along with Nick since Heather’s belly is now HUGE!

Photo by Ian Shiver.

Photo by Ian Shiver.

Just as we asked Jack to play a few “tunes” one of those ducky buses drove by full of people who started cheering him on. I guess you’re drawing a crowd already! Who knows how many people will come watch you play once you get that guitar playing for real…

You were a great sport Jack! It was really great working with you. Thanks for bringing along your guitar and pretending to play a few tunes for us! haha


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