We do photography the right way.

Our name. Our faith.

I’ve been wanting to do a promo video for our business for a while. Actually, this isn’t the video I had in mind originally. I wanted to create a video of us discussing our photography, showing us with our clients on a photo shoot, and maybe pan or zoom into some shots we’ve taken.

That video will be for another time…

The idea for this specific promo came up when I was driving home from Army duty on Good Friday and listening to a sermon on the radio. Heather and I have been believers in Christ for a few years now, but only recently I’ve felt a fervent desire to really share my faith more openly. After talking with my pastor, Rut Etheridge, I became even more convicted that I should use our photography business to that end.

We didn’t get the video out in time by Easter, but that’s okay. We should rejoyce in our faith not once a year, but daily.

Our goal with our photography business is not to convert anyone or get into a theological debate with other photographers or with the families who hire us. Our goal with our business is to create beautiful photography. Period. But we recognize that this business has been a blessing from God, so we found it only appropriate to honor Him with our business name and a quick promo video.

We hope you enjoy!

P.S. For those photo nerds (like me) who are curious, the main interview and the footage of me with Heather and our son, Phoenix, was all shot with the Nikon D800. The other B-roll footage was shot a couple of months ago with the Nikon D300s.


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