We do photography the right way.

Olivia: Senior Portraits

Olivia is a great young girl. She has done to photography workshops with us and has a great creative eye! We were so happy to do her senior pictures for her, and can’t wait to see where she goes with her own photography!

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-074

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-110

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-088

OWSP Senior Portraits 8

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-011

OWSP Senior Portraits 2

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-016

OWSP Senior Portraits

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-029

OWSP Senior Portraits 3

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-100

OWSP Senior Portraits 4

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-103 OWSP Senior Portraits 5

OWSP Senior Portraits 6

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-108

OWSP Senior Portraits 7

Good luck in everything you do Olivia! Anytime you need anything you know where we are!!!


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