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Andrew & Meredith – Engagement Photos

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-009

Andrew and Meredith are a great couple! We’re were honored to photograph this engagement session, and it’s too bad that we won’t be able to photograph their wedding due to our move to Chicago in October. They were so adorable together!

OWSP Americana Theme Engagement Shoot Moving to Chicago

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-021

Some really powerful and fun photos on the Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh.

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-124

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-118

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-111

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-029

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-033

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-038

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-041

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-015

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-047

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-044

The sky is so moody and beautiful in these shots.

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-130

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-136

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-055

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-053

Look how fun these two are!

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-068

Taking photos inside a large catholic church can be a really calm and peaceful experience. It worked wonderfully as a backdrop to some spiritual and tender moments.

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-073

20120223-OWSP Engagement Photos-061

OWSP Engagment Photo Shoot Pittsburgh Columns

OWSP Lawyers Engagement Photo Shoot moving to Chicago

Both Andrew and Meredith are lawyers, so we pulled off a nice strong portrait of them in the end!

You two were really great. We had such an enjoyable time together with you! I think this was one of our strongest engagement photoshoot we’ve done!


Announcement! One Way Street Production is moving to Chicago this October! If you live in that area, we are coming to you and we’d love to photograph your family, children or wedding!

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