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Lori & Michael Get Married!!!

Lori and Michael were a great couple to work with! They were so laid back and considering we didn’t do an engagement shoot with them, they still knew what they were doing! They looked great on their big day, and their reception was a blast! We were so excited to shoot at the zoo for the first time to do a first look! It was a great day! Congrats Lori & Michael!

OWSP-Wedding-049OWSP-Wedding-038 OWSP Wedding - 1 OWSP Wedding -13

20120427-OWSP-Wedding-026-B OWSP-Wedding-086 OWSP-Wedding-097

OWSP Wedding - 2

OWSP-Wedding-114 20120427-OWSP-Wedding-007-B OWSP Wedding - 8 OWSP-Wedding-182 OWSP Wedding - 3

OWSP Wedding - 4 OWSP Wedding - 5 20120427-OWSP-Wedding-127-B 20120427-OWSP-Wedding-084-B OWSP-Wedding-197 OWSP-Wedding-215 OWSP-Wedding-228

20120427-OWSP-Wedding-151-B OWSP-Wedding-298 OWSP-Wedding-296 OWSP-Wedding-342 032

^ Photo Credit by http://ianshiver.com/

OWSP Wedding - 6

20120427-OWSP-Wedding-059-B 20120427-OWSP-Wedding-067-B OWSP Wedding - 9 OWSP-Wedding-143 20120427-OWSP-Wedding-195-B 042

^ Photo Credit by http://ianshiver.com/

OWSP-Wedding-423 OWSP-Wedding-429


Many thanks to our good friend and amazing photographer Ian Shiver for shooting with us and snagging this photo!

^ Photo Credit by http://ianshiver.com/

P20120427-OWSP-Wedding-219-B 20120427-OWSP-Wedding-230-B OWSP-Wedding-519 OWSP Wedding - 7 20120427-OWSP-Wedding-247-B OWSP-Wedding-577 OWSP-Wedding-590 OWSP-Wedding-588 OWSP-Wedding-625 20120427-OWSP-Wedding-254-B OWSP Wedding -10 OWSP-Wedding-634 OWSP-Wedding-643 OWSP Wedding -12 OWSP-Wedding-561 20120427-OWSP-Wedding-265-B

OWSP Wedding -11 20120427-OWSP-Wedding-266-B OWSP-Wedding-699 OWSP-Wedding-721 OWSP-Wedding-728 OWSP-Wedding-690 OWSP-Wedding-698

All the best to you two!!! Thank you so much for letting us be apart of your day!

Announcement! One Way Street Production is moving to Chicago this October! If you live in that area, we are coming to you and we’d love to photograph your family, children or wedding!

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