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Michelle & Derek Engagement Shoot!

We loved shooting Michelle and Derek on the lawn of the Carnegie Library. We tried to go inside but we got kicked out! They are such a fun and lovable couple and we can’t wait for their wedding in September.


OWSP-Michelle-Derek-Engagement-001 OWSP-Michelle-Derek-Engagement-020 OWSP-Michelle-Derek-151


OWSP-Michelle-Derek-Engagement-033 OWSP-Engagement 01 OWSP-Michelle-Derek-172 OWSP-Engagement 02


OWSP-Michelle-Derek-175 OWSP-Michelle-Derek-Engagement-072

OWSP-Michelle-Derek-Engagement-065 OWSP-Michelle-Derek-191

OWSP-Engagement 04 OWSP-Michelle-Derek-186 OWSP-Michelle-Derek-Engagement-090 OWSP-Michelle-Derek-Engagement-105 OWSP-Michelle-Derek-Engagement-115 OWSP-Engagement 03 OWSP-Michelle-Derek-Engagement-134 OWSP-Michelle-Derek-Engagement-138

If you guys are as much fun on your wedding day as you were shooting these photos, we’re going to have a blast! See you soon!!


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