We do photography the right way.

Vanessa & Joe – Rural Wedding


OWSP-Wedding-003 OWSP-Wedding-033 OWSP-Wedding-023 OWSP-Wedding-062 OWSP-Wedding-B-005 OWSP-Wedding-B-023 OWSP-Wedding-074 OWSP-Wedding-081 OWSP-Wedding-086 OWSP-Wedding-103 OWSP-Wedding-B-212 OWSP-Wedding-285 OWSP-Wedding-B-205 OWSP-Wedding-B-206 OWSP-Wedding-B-213 OWSP-Wedding-341 OWSP-Wedding-346 OWSP-Wedding-362 OWSP-Wedding-376 OWSP-Wedding-391 OWSP-Wedding-B-289 OWSP-Wedding-118 OWSP-Wedding-211 OWSP-Wedding-222 OWSP-Wedding-224 OWSP-Wedding-B-113 OWSP-Wedding-B-121 OWSP-Wedding-B-177 OWSP-Wedding-240 OWSP-Wedding-253 OWSP-Wedding-147 OWSP-Wedding-158 OWSP-Wedding-173 OWSP-Wedding-177 OWSP-Wedding-199 OWSP-Wedding-207 Rural-Wedding-Couple OWSP-Wedding-414 OWSP-Wedding-439 OWSP-Wedding-B-275 OWSP-Wedding-435 OWSP-Wedding-493 OWSP-Wedding-511 Rural-Bride-Portrait-Flowers Rural-Bride-Portrait OWSP-Wedding-066 Rural-Wedding-Details

OWSP-Wedding-569 OWSP-Wedding-582 OWSP-Wedding-604 OWSP-Wedding-B-199 OWSP-Wedding-B-366 OWSP-Wedding-921 OWSP-Wedding-666 OWSP-Wedding-685 OWSP-Wedding-701 OWSP-Wedding-707 OWSP-Wedding-734 OWSP-Wedding-766 OWSP-Wedding-770  OWSP-Wedding-793 OWSP-Wedding-803 OWSP-Wedding-824 OWSP-Wedding-863 OWSP-Wedding-901 OWSP-Wedding-B-464


Announcement! One Way Street Production is moving to Chicago this October! If you live in that area, we are coming to you and we’d love to photograph your family, children or wedding!

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Amidst Traffic - Cover Awards

We are more than just photographers!

Michel recently released a killer book, Amidst Traffic,

winner of the International Book Awards!

Available in Paperback & Kindle!



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