We do photography the right way.

Should you hire us?

Photo by Rachel Rowland Photography

That’s a very good question to consider. And the answer is “YES” if our philosophy on photography just happens to be the same as yours.

Photographing people is not like photographing a building or nature. You can’t ask a tree or a wall a question and expect an answer in return. You can’t make a forest laugh, or capture a skyline in mid-action. For us, working with people is one of the most rewarding aspects of photography. But it’s also challenging because, for our work to be successful, we need our personalities to click and our visions to match with those of our clients.

For that reason, we wanted to share a few thoughts about our style and what we look for in the brides and grooms or families and seniors who hire us to do their photography…

Our photography is not all neat and pretty where everyone is aligned, perfectly behaved and posey. Our photography captures the everyday chaos and suddenness of life in its most unexpected and raw form. Sometimes we don’t frame our pictures perfectly. Sometimes we laugh at our own mistakes. Sometimes the people in our photos aren’t even looking into the camera. Most of the time, we are not satisfied with recreating the same photo we’ve done before. We love exploring and experimenting, and we want you to love that, too.

We love families who aren’t afraid to laugh or poke fun at themselves. We love families who love each other and love their children. Families who aren’t afraid of getting a little dirty or a little wet. Families who don’t force their kids to smile at the camera with a cheesy, contorted grin, but rather let their children laugh their own genuine laughter. Families who appreciate creativity, enjoy goofiness and esteem hard work. Families who have taken the time to look through our portfolio and say to themselves, “I want my family captured just like that!”

We love brides and grooms who don’t forget to smile on their wedding day. Couples who genuinely love each other and it shows. Couples who aren’t afraid to be affectionate, tender and even a little silly. Couples with their own sense of style, energy and personality. Couples who have a young soul and who want their photos to be creative, fun and different from others. Couples who want more than just having their engagement photos taken “at a nice park.” Couples who aren’t afraid of being themselves in front of the camera. Couples who want to be elegant and beautiful on their wedding day, but aren’t afraid to get their nice clothes dirty. Couples who will trust our sensibilities, our direction, our style, our vision and our passion for photography. Couples who have big ideas of their own. Couples who have a creative flair and can appreciate art. Couples who love making the details perfect, but won’t let their day be ruined if a minor detail goes wrong. Couples who are already in love with our work and can’t wait for us to photograph them on their wedding day.

If the description above sounds like you, then the answer is YES. Yes, you should definitely hire us.


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