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Melissa and Colin’s little baby bump!

We were so excited to do maternity photos for Melissa and Colin. They were one of our first weddings when were starting off with our photography venture and we were so happy they thought of us! We can’t wait to meet the little peanut!




Little Baby B!

Dan and Julia are great friends of ours and they just welcomed last night a beautiful little girl Madeline!! Here are some shots of the bump before the beautiful lady! Can’t wait to meet her!

20121218-OWSP Maternity- 012

20121218-OWSP Maternity- 018

20121218-OWSP Maternity- 020

20121218-OWSP Maternity- 026

20121218-OWSP Maternity- 050

20121218-OWSP Maternity- 056

20121218-OWSP Maternity- 071

OWSP Maternity

20121218-OWSP Maternity- 080

20121218-OWSP Maternity- 087


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Blondie Family in Downtown Pittsburgh

Who would have thought you could find such a cute little park right in Downtown Pittsburgh. A great location with a great looking family! Gotta love that bright, blond hair on their two boys!

What a grin!

Cheesing it like a pro.

Thanks guys! Good luck on your next little one! We hope to meet her soon next year.


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McCracken Family with one on the way!!


The McCracken Family is very special to us. They attend the same church as us and their son Wade is going to be a great little friend for our son Phoenix!! And we can’t wait to meet the little one on the way! Thanks so much for letting us snap some photos of your beautiful family!!¬†

You guys are just beautiful people and we’re so thankful for knowing you and can’t wait to get to know you better in the future!!

Snowy and Cozy Maternity Shoot

Elizabeth and Diogo invited us over their house for some maternity shots, and on a nice snowy day we were able to get a nice mix of both indoor and outdoor photos.

Elizabeth & Diogo are both originally from Brazil, and their parents have never seen snow before, so they were all for going outside and get some snowy shots so they could send them back to their family. We were pumped about it!

We found this awesome cut-down cornfield just on the border of their housing complex. How could we resist? Corn fields are always an awesome place to shoot, no matter what time of year!

“Coming Soon!”

Love these tender and cozy shots in their bedroom! Very tender.

Thanks so much again guys! We really enjoyed ourselves and we hope you love the images. Hopefully we will get a chance to meet Leonardo and do some photos of the little guy.


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