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Olivia: Senior Portraits

Olivia is a great young girl. She has done to photography workshops with us and has a great creative eye! We were so happy to do her senior pictures for her, and can’t wait to see where she goes with her own photography!

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-074

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-110

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-088

OWSP Senior Portraits 8

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-011

OWSP Senior Portraits 2

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-016

OWSP Senior Portraits

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-029

OWSP Senior Portraits 3

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-100

OWSP Senior Portraits 4

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-103 OWSP Senior Portraits 5

OWSP Senior Portraits 6

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-108

OWSP Senior Portraits 7

Good luck in everything you do Olivia! Anytime you need anything you know where we are!!!


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Hannah takes stage

Hannah is a sweet and quirky young lady. She was so comfortable in front of the camera, no matter what we made her do, and no matter how many people were looking on! Hannah is the kind of person a photographer loves to photograph. She looks beautiful whether she’s laughing, smiling, making silly faces, or just giving a relaxed look. A total natural. She’s very passionate about theater and sewing and we know that what ever she does after high school she’ll do great!¬†

Good luck in all you do Hannah! We loved photographing you for your senior photos!


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Michaela senior photos – turning the page

Michaela is bright, fun and colorful. Oh and she loves books. These are the photos we took together while letting loose a couple of laughs.

A bit of “Alice in Wonderland” feel in this last shot. It’s just not the same taking photos of someone reading a “book” on a tablet… We hope you love these photos as much as we loved taking them!


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Rocking Senior – Downtown Pittsburgh

It feels like forever since we’ve last done a senior portrait shoot. Most of our work is family photography, which keeps us busy chasing the action with little ones running around. And I love the photojournalism aspect of our work, but it’s definitely a nice change of pace being able to slow things down and do a little posing.

Jack was great to work with. He’s working on an electric guitar with his dad (the very funny Peter McKay), with some nice hand-painted details, so he brought it along for a few shots.

Oh, and this was one of three shoots we did together with fellow photographer Ian Shiver. He’s going to help us with a few weddings this October along with Nick since Heather’s belly is now HUGE!

Photo by Ian Shiver.

Photo by Ian Shiver.

Just as we asked Jack to play a few “tunes” one of those ducky buses drove by full of people who started cheering him on. I guess you’re drawing a crowd already! Who knows how many people will come watch you play once you get that guitar playing for real…

You were a great sport Jack! It was really great working with you. Thanks for bringing along your guitar and pretending to play a few tunes for us! haha


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Paige – Senior Pics

We had a fun time with Paige and with a little help from a friend we were able to do some shots inside the Grand Concourse. I just love that big rounded ceiling!

Hey Paige, give me “angelic.” Nailed it.

This was the first time we actually had the parent ENCOURAGE us to do something a bit risky. Usually they have to restrain me! Paige’s mom was all about doing photos in the middle of the Smithfield Street Bridge.

We treated that median like it was our catwalk!

Thanks Paige for being so fun to work with!

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