We do photography the right way.

Our Friends

Our goal is to provide not only quality photography but also be able to recommend you to trustworthy vendors and partners we trust. There are so many DJs and bakeries out there, that we want you to know that these are people who we have worked with already and respect their professionalism and quality. We also included a couple of organizations we support. Please take the time to consider these vendors. Unlike other websites, we do not get any money from them to promote their business. We do it because we value the importance of gathering a good network. As we continue to grow, our list will grow also, but we will make sure to always include quality businesses that you can count on.


Mike Greca
-Mike provides excellent DJ services for weddings and special events at a great price!


RachelRowland Photography
-Rachel is a good friend of ours and a very talented photographer. She’s also helping us photograph a couple weddings this year, and we encourage you take a look at her work!

Nick Smarto Photography
-We are proud to say Nick will be working with us on a few photo shoots and weddings this year! Always glad to partner with fellow professionals like Nick!


MoHo Creative

-This husband-and-wife team does amazing work in their video production company using just some Canon DSLR cameras and lenses. Their work looks so good that it could be compared with professional music videos. No joke. Check them out!


Les Gateaux
-These cakes by Les Gateaux are colorful, fun and a great work of art! You’ve got to take a look at these great and delicious sweets!

Oakmont Bakery


Mommy Miracles
-A website aimed to provide resource and information helpful to mothers.

Pittsburgh Momtourage
Momtourage Website
-A mommy group that takes their children out to a play date together.


Operation Love ReUnited
-This is one of our favorite partners! They connect with hundreds of photographers around the country to provide free family photos to deploying service members.

Inspiration Through Art
(Formerly: The Littlest Heroes Project)

-This organization was started to help families with children with severe illnesses or disabilities. We have partnered with The Littlest Heroes Project to provide FREE photography services to such families. If you live in the Pittsburgh area and qualify, please book your photo shoot through LHP and request us as your photographer! We would love to capture your pictures!

Bethany Pregnancy Center
-Life is a beautiful thing. Help protect it by supporting this organization.


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