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Our first Chicago family photo shoot!


Just a few months into our move to Chicago, and already we were blessed with a family asking us to do their photos! That’s incredible, and we were really excited to photograph these two curly-headed handsome boys!

Originally we were looking to do a snow-fun photo shoot, but most of the good snow washed away from the rain just the day before our shoot. But the images worked out wonderfully all the same.

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Cristina & Filippo – Wedding in Rome, Italy

OWSP-Cristina-Filippo-B-620This was one of the most enjoyable (and longest) weddings we’ve ever shot! We started at 7:00 in the morning and we didn’t finish shooting until 2:00 a.m. after the sun went back down. Oh, and we were in Rome, Italy, which is Michel’s birthplace. The scenery was fantastic, the couple beautiful and all of their friends and family were incredibly hospitable. Cristina is the daughter of good friends of the family, and being with them felt like reconnecting with long-time friends ourselves. We are incredibly excited to bring you these images.

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Ashley & Trey Wedding


We’ve wanted to photograph Ashley & Trey’s wedding the moment we met them! They have great chemistry with each other and a wonderful personality! They are not only gorgeous and have stunning smiles, but we’ve felt like friends to us ever since we first encountered! We are tremendously proud to show off these photos!

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