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Head Shots

Olivia: Senior Portraits

Olivia is a great young girl. She has done to photography workshops with us and has a great creative eye! We were so happy to do her senior pictures for her, and can’t wait to see where she goes with her own photography!

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-074

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-110

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-088

OWSP Senior Portraits 8

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-011

OWSP Senior Portraits 2

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-016

OWSP Senior Portraits

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-029

OWSP Senior Portraits 3

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-100

OWSP Senior Portraits 4

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-103 OWSP Senior Portraits 5

OWSP Senior Portraits 6

20121020-OWSP Senior Portraits-108

OWSP Senior Portraits 7

Good luck in everything you do Olivia! Anytime you need anything you know where we are!!!


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Danielle at the Cathedral

senior pictures

This a wonderful shoot to do for several reasons! I actually really like doing senior pictures photo shoots. I find them to be really low-pressure and cool, and it’s usually with “models” who are a lot more willing to have fun and goof off a bit! We did the shoot at the Cathedral of Learning because Pittsburgh’s weather is so unpredictable during these months. In fact, it rained all day.

We actually saw several photogs working around the Cathedral that day. Nice location!

I did this photo shoot together with Nick Smarto of Smarto Studios. Nick is our new “intern” — though I almost feel weird calling him that cause he knows just as much about photography as me and Heather. But we’re thrilled to have him on board and get his help on a few weddings this summer. We worked really well together, moving lights around and trying new things on the fly!

For most of the shoot we used two lights (an SB-900 & SB-800) with a few exceptions, like the ones in front of this grate. If you’re an interested photog, we use Phottix Stratos to trigger the lights wirelessly. These little guys are extremely reliable. Both Nick and I were popping shots left and right and we didn’t have a single misfire (except, of course, when I forgot to turn on a flash). We used to use the Cactus V4, but I say stay away from those!

Danielle did an awesome job modeling for us. She was really comfortable and herself!

She wasn’t afraid of being goofy either!

We went up to the top floor, known as the Honors College lounge, and incorporated the beautiful stairwell and woodwork into some photos.

I love how the black leather jacket gives a strong clash and contrast to these shots!

Thanks for being such a great sport, Danielle! You did wonderful and the various outfits you picked out were really rocking! They worked out great!

Dr. Casey Phillips

Dr. Casey Phillips is my (Heather) chiropractor. He’s a one in a million find. I started seeing him last fall after Michel and I got into a car accident on the North Side just a few minutes from our house. He took me right in and started helping me with my back and neck. He’s a great guy who really cares about his patients. Unlike other chiropractors who charge an arm and a leg to get chiropractic care, he doesn’t. He seen everyone from National dignitaries, to a huge chunk of the Pittsburgh Police force. He’s constantly reaching out to let people know they can receive great care for their pain without the huge bill.

I think he’s great so when he needed a few headshots for marketing I told him we’d help out! He’s located in the North Side and the South Hills so if you need help, definitely go see him!

We would love it if you checked out his website at  Phillips Family Chiropractic

Kevin: An amazing young professional

Kevin Kacvinksky is a truly impressive young man. At 24, he is only a year younger than me and Heather and already he runs 8 businesses all on his own. It took us a while to schedule this shoot because this “kid” travels a LOT! It was pretty remarkable talking with him and getting to know each other. He basically helps non-profit businesses raise money. My favorite part about him is that he also runs a Christian ministry organization in China. No small feat! You can learn more about him by visiting Kevin’s nonprofit organization website.

If you’ve been following our work for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been strobing and using off-camera lighting for quite some time to get some nice, crisp shots of our clients. A lot of it was touch-and-go and play around with lighting and see what happens. Now we’re finally at a point where I know how to control my lighting and the effects are truly rewarding. This shot above was done with just a shoot-through umbrella, but it looks natural and confident.

Heather and I were watching Zack Aria’s “One Light Workshop” DVD last night. And if you’re into photography, I highly reccomend picking it up. Or better yet, if Zack is due to come to your town, sign up for the workshop in person! I got to see him in Atlanta when I gave a presentation for the yearly Photojournalism Seminar on behalf of the Army Public Affairs.

Anywho… back to Kevin

We found this blue wall just a floor below Kevin’s office. I love how the colors all work together.

Kevin said he probably would never use this photo because I’m shooting right up his nose haha! Personally, I think this image is kick ass. It makes it seem like Kevin is full of bright and colorful ideas.

So we wanted to takes some “action”shots showing Kevin giving a presentation. If you hire me as your photographer, just know that I’m always going to try and catch you off guard. I kinda like the result of this one actually. It’s strange and random.

I call this one “The Gunslinger.” Kevin was just having at it, pretending like we were his audience and suddenly he pistol-whipped us with both his hands out. Kinda nice. Again, I love how a single umbrella turns an ordinary office shot with a blank white wall into something active and fun.

And here are some of the more casual looks. Kevin is, after all, 24. And no 24-year old should take himself so seriously that he chokes on his own tie. I dig the pink shirt.

It was a pleasure meeting you Kevin! If we were a non-profit (which, if you think about it, most young photographers are haha), we would hire you in a second! Take it easy and enjoy your travels!

Good Ol’ Fashioned Head Shots: Gretchen and Peter

I really had an enjoyable time with Peter and Gretchen McKay to do their headshots for their respective websites. Gretchen is a writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and runs a website that covers a wide variety of topics from Home & Garden to Food and more. Peter is a syndicated columnist with a great sense of humor in his writing. You can read his stuff here, which is definitely worth a read! They were both really enjoyable to photograph!

That first shot wasn’t staged. Peter just happened to be sitting there with those flowers in his hands. How handsome 🙂

Peter wanted a few photos with their dog, Harry, with whom apparently he has a disgruntled relationship.  Hence all the scowling looks from Peter. He writes about Harry in his column from time to time.

Harry looks so sad here! Oh and he’s completely deaf, so it was a bit of a challenge to get his attention or “pose” him. But he was a natural.

What a great smile, Gretchen! Plus your kitchen is so colorful!

Great look! Thanks again for letting me do your head shots!