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Happy Holidays!


Deck the Tree

We had the awesome privilege of taking photos of our good friends James and Nicole and their little daughter, Lilly. Tonight they decorated their Christmas tree, which made for some wonderful photos in the moment. I asked Nicole what type of style she liked most in photos and she said she really likes toned down images, so I desaturated a few of the photos for her. This first one below of Lilly is one of them.

Lilly has such wonderful blue eyes! She’s great to photograph because she was so expressive.

Daddy kissed Lilly’s boo-boo after stepping on her foot by accident.

Nicole helps Lilly pick out a good spot for this ornament.

Daddy hands Lilly an ornament to place on the tree. We played a lot with lighting at their house, and we placed some lamps all around the room for a nice soft glow. This unfortunately also caused some yellowish tone in some photos, but I was able to retouch them. For this one, because the colors didn’t add all that much to the image, I decided to de-saturate everything but the green. I love the effect. It really brings your eyes to their hands.

Heather helped me with the lighting using a regular old desk lamp. This one came out wonderful! Even though her whole face isn’t lit, I love the dramatic touch of light on Lilly’s one cheek.